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How do I know which size hubcap I need?
To determine your hubcap size, simply look at the side of your tire. There, you’ll see a 9-digit code beginning with the letter “P.” The specific digits you’re most interested in are the last two numbers. They will always follow the letter “R.” This 2 digit number is your wheel size as well as your hubcap size. It’s as simple as that. What you do not want to do is physically measure the tire or the hubcap.
Examples of tire codes:
P215/70R16 (Requires a 16 inch hubcap)
P205/75R15 (Requires a 15 inch hubcap)
P195/75R14 (Requires a 14 inch hubcap)
Do your hubcaps come with the removable center piece?
Yes, all two-piece hubcaps include both pieces. All wire hubcaps include the center medallion.
Do your hubcaps come with the plastic lug caps needed to hold the hubcap on?
Yes. We call these bolt-on hubcaps, and they do come with the plastic lug caps required for installation.
Are your hubcaps new or used?
All our hubcaps fall into one of three categories.
New: These hubcaps have never been installed on a vehicle, or were removed from a brand new car. They are structurally and cosmetically perfect.
Used: All used plastic hubcaps have been previously on a vehicle, but for one reason or another are no longer on the car. As long as they are structurally perfect and the finish on the face of the hubcap is perfect or near-perfect, they are thoroughly cleaned and sold as is. All of our metal hubcaps are used, and in good condition. This means they may have light scratches or scuffs. The price posted on our website reflects this. If you wish to purchase a metal hubcap and would like to know its exact condition, please call and we can assist you. Oftentimes, we can lower our asking price on used hubcaps if the customer is willing to accept a lesser condition.
Reconditioned: These hubcaps have been previously used on a vehicle as well. As long as they are structurally perfect, we thoroughly clean them and put them through our reconditioning process. This process ends with a brand new automotive finish being applied to the face of the hubcap. Our reconditioned hubcaps are hardly distinguishable from ones that are brand new, and we guarantee the finish for as long as you own the vehicle. Of the thousands of reconditioned hubcaps we sell each year, we have never had one returned due to a finish issue.
If you wish to know the exact condition of your particular hubcap, please contact us by phone or email. (832) 659-1143 (M-F 9am-5pm) or send us an email.
Are your hubcaps OEM?
First, a definition of OEM. It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Also referred to as “Factory-Original,” these are hubcaps that originally came on the vehicle when it was brand new. In fact, most have the manufacture’s logo in the middle of the hubcap. All of the hubcaps that we sell in the “Factory-Original” section of the site are OEM unless indicated as a “Replica”.
Are your hubcaps metal or plastic?
The answer depends on exactly which hubcap you are ordering. A common misperception is that most hubcaps are made of metal. In fact, the opposite is true. While there are still a few metal hubcaps out there, the vast majority are plastic. If you need help determining if your hubcaps are metal or plastic, we would be happy to assist you.
How long will it take to ship my order?
We ship most orders within 48 hours. Orders placed after midday Friday ship the following Monday or Tuesday.
Do you take checks?
If you prefer not to use a credit card or Pay-Pal to place your order, we will gladly accept payment through the mail in the form of a money order or certified check made out to “”. Please make sure the hubcap you need is in stock by calling to confirm. You will need to include a note stating: the item code you wish to order, the quantity, and shipping information. We will process the order as soon as your letter arrives.
My hubcap is out of stock. When will you get more in?
Unfortunately, we can not always predict when we will be getting your hubcap in. There are some hubcaps that we are able to keep in stock regularly and others that are extremely hard to find. Since our inventory is real-time, you can check back later to see if your hubcap has been added (the hubcap availability details will say “In Stock” or “Only # Left”). Feel free to call or email to inquire about the product you need. (832) 659-1143 (M-F 9am-5pm) or send us an email.
How much does it cost to ship outside the US?
Shipping is FREE anywhere within the continental US. We also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or anywhere in the world. Please call and speak to a representative to determine your exact shipping cost. (832) 659-1143 (M-F 9am-5pm Eastern).
Do I need to buy a special tool to install my hubcap?
No. Absolutely not. Some websites would have you believe that you need to buy their special “hubcap tool” to install your hubcap. Not only is this untrue, it’s unethical. Save your hard-earned money. Once upon a time, older metal hubcaps needed to be “pounded on” by a rubber mallet (think ’57 Chevy), but with today’s plastic hubcaps making up the great majority of all the hubcaps on cars today, this is simply not the case anymore. In fact, the use of a “hubcap tool” to install plastic hubcaps is a leading cause of breakage. Just your own two hands will more than suffice for the majority of all hubcap installations. There are a few styles of locking hubcaps that require the “key” provided by the vehicle manufacturer to lock and unlock them. Most of these are wire hubcaps. These hubcaps do not require a special “hubcap tool” either. If you have questions about installing your hubcaps or need help installing your hubcaps once you receive them, we would be happy to assist you. (832) 659-1143 (M-F 9am-5pm Eastern) .
I see another Factory-Original style that I like better than what is on my car now. Can I change from one Factory-Original hubcap to another if the wheel size is the same?
This is referred to as interchange and oftentimes does not work. Of course, there are styles made by the same manufacturer that will interchange. However, unless you have experience interchanging hubcap styles, you should give us a call to help. Our years of experience could mean the difference between ordering hubcaps that don’t fit your car and getting the style you want that actually fits when you get them.
I’m missing the part that covers just the middle of my wheel. Do you carry that part?
No, we do not. That part is commonly referred to as a wheel center or centercap. As stated above, a centercap only covers the middle of the wheel (usually hiding the lug nuts). We do not carry these. Be careful, however, as some hubcaps have a removable center piece. These are referred to as two-piece hubcaps.
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